Athletic Training: Paperwork

All students MUST complete all medical information forms on the ATS Webportal ( Please us a web browser other than Internet Explorer

Medical Paperwork Procedures:

ATS Paperwork Instructions

  • All medical paperwork is due on June 15th of each year to allow our staff to process your profile
  • What should be completed prior to June 15th:
    • Your ATS Profile (instructions link below)
    • All forms listed on ATS (Forms Tab)
    • Uploading a copy of your insurance card-front and back-on the Insurance Tab of ATS (please make sure it is in large or original format and is legible)
  • What must be submitted/uploaded prior to your check-in/move-in day:
    • Sickle Cell Verification From (may be completed by a lab and/or physician. This may also be found in birth records and completed by physician). To comply with the ADA and according to the NCAA all athletes wishing to participate in varsity athletics must provide verification of sickle cell status.
    • ADHD/ADD Reporting Form: this MUST be completed by a physician if the Student Athlete is taking any medication to manage this condition
  • All First Year Student Athlete’s (Freshmen and/or Transfers) will receive a physical on campus on or around their Check-in/Move-in Day. Rising Junior Student Athletes will receive a physical prior to departing for the year on campus.
  • No Student Athlete is permitted to participate in athletics at Stevenson University without completing all medical paperwork.

Where to submit paperwork:

  • Please submit the Sickle Cell Verification Form and ADHD Reporting Form (if eligible) to Put the Student Athlete’s last name AND sport in the subject line.
  • We will NOT accept mailed in forms or any form via fax! If you do not have the ability to scan the forms, please take a LEGIBLE, CLEAR picture of each document with your cell phone and email them to the above address in LARGE or ORIGINAL format.

**Note: Stevenson University Athletics Medical Paperwork is completely separate from Stevenson University Wellness Paperwork!!! Please do NOT submit our forms to the Wellness Center as they are not permitted to share them according to HIPPA laws.

Sickle Cell Verification Form

NCAA ADHA Reporting Cover Form

For more information, please the athletic trainer in charge of your sport:

Kira Olds
Football, Men's Lacrosse, M/W Golf


Jaime Harris
Women's Soccer, Women's Ice Hockey, Baseball


Stefanie Meyerson-Beard
Field Hockey, M&W Cross Country, M&W Swimming, M&W Track and Field


Jonathan Arndt
Men's Soccer, Men's Ice Hockey, Softball


Brianna Wagner
Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse, Beach Volleyball

Eva Martinez
Football, Men's Basketball, Men's Volleyball, M&W Tennis