Prospective Student-Athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center for an NCAA Division III school?

Division III does not require NCAA Eligibility Center certification. To participate in Division III athletics, a student-athlete must have been admitted as a regularly enrolled, degree-seeking student in accordance with the regular, published entrance or admissions policies of that college or university.

I am currently enrolled at another Division III institution.  What do I do if I am interested in transferring?

Division III requires a self release form for any student-athlete interested in transferring from one Division III institution to another Division III institution. If interested in transferring to Stevenson from another NCAA Division III school, please fill out the NCAA form and fax it to Jackie Boswell at 443-352-4278.

I am currently enrolled at Division I or Division II institution.  What do I do if I am interested in talking to a coach about transferring?

Stevenson must first obtain written permission to have any contact with you, regardless of who makes the initial contact. Your current institution must grant or deny any student-athlete's request for permission to contact within 14 days of the initial request.

If permission is not granted, Stevenson shall not encourage the transfer. If permission is granted, all applicable NCAA recruiting rules apply. Written permission may be granted by your current institution’s athletic director or compliance officer.

A college coach has asked me to take an official visit, what do I do?

Stevenson requires an official visit waiver to be filed with the compliance office 48 hours prior to a prospective student-athlete’s official visit. The official visit waiver can be downloaded here.