Owings Mills Gym

Owings Mills Gym


To accommodate its growth and expansion, Stevenson University opened its new Owings Mills campus in 2004. Two years later, it acquired the former headquarters of the Baltimore Colts and Ravens and debuted the Caves Sports and Wellness Center which became the headquarters of the athletics department.

While the Caves Athletics Complex served as the new home for the men's and women's soccer, field hockey and men's and women's lacrosse teams, the University's men's and women's basketball and men's and women's volleyball teams still played in Student Union Gymnasium on the Greenspring campus.

However, after 13 seasons in Student Union Gymnasium from 1997-2010, the basketball and volleyball teams now have a home on the Owings Mills campus which is the University's main residential campus.

Opened in August 2010, Owings Mills Gymnasium is a 38,000 square foot facility designed by J.T. Fishman and Associates and built by Howard S. Brown Enterprises.

The design layout is described as a "pit" style building that includes individual team rooms for men's and women's basketball, men's and men's women's volleyball each with their own restroom and shower facilities, LCD televisions with cable, whiteboards, scoreboard clocks and telephone and both hard-wired and wireless internet access. They also feature custom built, hand-stained, wooden lockers personalized for each student-athlete.

There are also two sets of visiting team locker rooms, ticket office, concessions, public restrooms, athletic department office space and storage.

The arena features a customized, shock absorbing, wooden gym floor and new Daktronics LED shots clocks, backboard light strips and scoreboards featuring customizable DSTI player stats displays for basketball and volleyball. There are also two press areas atop both sets of sideline bleachers complete with phone and internet jacks for radio broadcasts and webcasts.

The new gymnasium provides a backdrop behind the South end zone for the new stadium and is connected to the Caves Sports and Wellness Center which houses additional athletic department office space, a fitness center, racquet ball court and additional team rooms.