Mission Statement/Philosophy

Stevenson University Department of Athletics
Mission Statement/Philosophy 

The Stevenson University athletic department has a significant educational role in preparing our student athletes for a life and a career. 

The purposes of the intercollegiate athletic program are: to stimulate, encourage, initiate and improve student athlete participation, physical fitness, confidence and leadership by pursuing athletic excellence on and off the playing arenas (this includes the classroom, dormitories and other social environments).
In addition to directly educating the participants, the athletic program:

1. Provides an atmosphere for social relationships.
2. Teaches a healthy lifestyle through the participation of sports and other extracurricular activities.
3. Encourages campus and community spirit with fair play, good sportsmanship and ethical conduct of its athletes and spectators.
4. Practices the equitable treatment of the men’s and women’s programs.
5. Broadens the image of the University and heightens high school students’ awareness of the University through the use of news releases, television and radio announcements, and the personal and team accomplishments of our participants.