Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Annika Schwartz and Lauren Weaver

Stable Talk: Annika Schwartz and Lauren Weaver


Thanks to everyone who listened last week and crushed our listen numbers for a single episode. We are far from professional podcasters but are glad you are enjoying Stable Talk. Okay, we are glad you enjoy our listeners.

This week, women's volleyball seniors and best friends Annika Schwartz and Lauren Weaver joined the show. We found out how much they really know about each other and how much they know about Stevenson women's volleyball.

We learned that Lauren is a fan of Cheetos (her favorite road game snack) and that Annika does not wash her knee pads (ew, gross).

The two of them gave us questionable toppings for our Stevenson sandwich. And since we have completed it, we will officially make and eat our Stevenson sandwich next week!

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Athletic trainer Jaime Harris joins the show next, so send us some questions you want answered.