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Stable Talk: Brett Adams

Stable Talk: Brett Adams


We were honored to have Athletic Director Brett Adams join us on the podcast for Homecoming week. We learned so many interesting facts about the University and how athletics were started for the Mustangs.

It wasn't just historical facts that we talked to Coach Adams as we quizzed him on his knowledge of his beloved home state of Vermont, which he passed with flying colors. Joe correctly guessed the one item Coach could not live without and even asked him what golf club he would be.

Ever wondered what mascot Stevenson/Villa Julie almost was? Take a listen to find out. Or did you know that when Coach Adams came to Stevenson, he changed the school colors. And if you are wondering why we keep calling him Coach, he was the head men's basketball coach for 17 years and coached the inaugural tennis teams.

During the show, we give away some fun details regarding Mustang Madness as well as the football tailgate.

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Next week, Tracy Johnson joins Stable Talk as Sam's co-host while Joe is on his honeymoon. Softball head coach Julia Culotta joins Sam and Tracy on the next pod, so tweet us your questions, @Stable_Talk.